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The Long Bridge is the service witch allows you to travel from Spain and Portugal directly to Greece,Turkey and the Balkans area. This product is a set of two services, it alows transport companies who are travelling on the line ¨Barcelona-Civitavecchia¨to continue their journey till Greece departing from the port of Brindisi to Igomenitsa or Patra, this convert´s it into the easiest,fastest , reliable and competitive way of traveling between Iberian and Balkan peninsulas.

Ferry Lines to

Greece, Albania and Montenegro

Travell from Italy and western Europe not only to Greece but also to Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Balkans area, enjoying a fast and reliable service with multiple dayly departures. Get on board with truck&trailer or desengage your trailer and be Intermodal!

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Discover the routes, to travel to and from Spain.We guarantee regular connections throughout the year from the ports of Savona, Civitavecchia and Porto Torres to the capital of Catalonia. Take advantage and get on board with Van, Solo truck, Semi and Articulated truck or you can desengadge your trailer an be Intermodal.

Ferry Lines to

Sicily Island

Travel to the largest Island in the Mediterranean! Going to Sicily with your Truck Fleet is easier than ever, you can choose to get there from 10 different ports of origin.

Ferry Lines to

Sardinia Island

Sardinia, the Emerald Isle of Italy! One of the most beautiful places in Europe! Having in mind that Sardinia is an island who imports most manufactured goods, we know that in some moment you will need a support to go there with your trucks. Check the map and see what are your options.

Ferry Lines to


Take advantage of our services and open yourself a new market for your fleet. Take loads to this exotic destination and be the leader on the market!

Ferry Lines to


SKV CARGO is also able to offer you direct Ferry Lines between Italy and Tunisia. For more information, please contact our team!

Ferry Lines to


Get an offer for destination Marocco! Check the map and chose your port of origine. For more information, please contact our team!

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